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21st January 2009

9:30pm: Day 3

Good news: apple are covering the logic board replacement in my notebook.

Bad news: I'm still out £99 for labour costs (vs 800+ admittedly) and they had to order in the part so it'll be Friday at the earliest before I get my computer back and Monday is more likely.

More bad news: the boiler is also busted so no central heating and no hot water. It too needs parts ordered which means that I need to get a hotel room or find someone I really can beg if I want a shower.

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19th January 2009

3:21pm: I wish I still had my fuck icon...

It looks like my mac has fallen prey to the faulty nvidia cards of death. To rub salt in the wound, it'll be two days before the apple store will look at it and i'm likely to lose what's on my hd in the process. In the interim i'm looking for an alternative serviced and am stuck with either living at a net cafe or relying on my iPhone.

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1st October 2005

1:43pm: Bad Radio! Bad! S1 E03
This week's episode is up for download here:
Download from MegaUpload

setlistCollapse )

1st July 2005

1:37pm: Translation....
I posted the Korean version yesterday. Here's the German version plus a translation.

6 Uhr 14 Bahnhof Zoo

Translation for "6 Uhr 14, Bahnhof Zoo"Collapse )

27th June 2005

4:33pm: for ashyukun
via AODVD:
Haré+Guu Music Alterations (12:25 PM EDT): Animenation, via Anime News Network confirmed at this weekends Metrocon convention that the US release of Haré+Guu will "use a new, instrumental ending theme provided by the Japanese licensor." Apparently a copyright dispute in Japan has led to this and is likely one of the causes for the delay in releasing this title.

EDIT: I forgot, I saw a couple volumes of Guu on DVD at Book-Off this morning. If you can confirm that you're good for the cash and paypal me ASAP afterwards I'll pick them up for you.

27th May 2005

12:01pm: Music Game Answers
01 - Crazy Frog - Axel F (rozard
02 - Starlight Express - The Race
03 - RENT German - Ich deck dich zu (I'll Cover You)
04 - Hedwig and the Angry Inch - Midnight Radio (gambitt
05 - God Mars Movie - Birthday City
06 - The Evolution Control Committee - Rocked By Rape (rozard
07 - Lodoss Wars TV - Kiseki no Umi (gambitt
08 - Herbert Grönemeyer - Viertel Vor
09 - The Teardrop Explodes - Treason
10 - GetBackers 2nd ED - Namida no Hurricane ((teknoboy
Bonus01 - Tanz der Vampire - Einladung zum Ball
Bonus02 - Marillion - The Answering Machine
Bonus03 - Macross 7 - Kimi ni Todoke (Instrumental)

24th May 2005

12:20am: Fuckin' Herpes...
To everyone who posted that damn "Revenge of the Sith" Meme with all of the charts and big pictures...

Fuck you. Fuck you all.

TIme to wait for another 25 posts until my friends page is readable again.

8th May 2005

12:04pm: Got a $20?
Got some spare cash sitting around?

Please consider donating it to the William & Mary Student Fire Emergency Fund.

For those who don't know, one of the dorms caught fire at The University of William & Mary, displacing around 75 students (including liebschen and destroying most of what they had during the middle of finals week. The university's been putting them up and they'll get some insurance money, but it's not going to be enough to cover everything. The site accepts Visa, MC, and has an address to send cheques to.

22nd April 2005

3:01pm: Definately official...

Yup, we've got panels for AMA.

2nd March 2005

8:32am: Sickness Update...
It would appear that my fever has broken - currently running a temp of around 99°, which is on the high end of acceptable. I'm going into work around 10, and will try to make it the rest of the day.

1st March 2005

6:52pm: Making it official...
I have the flu. The PA gave me a prescription for a cough suppressant + expectorant and said to take sudafed with it during the daytime. At night, keep to the NyQuil since it makes me sleep. Otherwise, lots of fluids and staying in bed until the fever breaks.

On a related note, she also said that if I'm not feeling better in a couple days that I should go in for a chest x-ray...here's to improving!

Update as of 19:42 - Fever back up to record 102,6°F. I am finishing my tea and going to bed!
9:53am: Morning update...
Woke up at 7, fever showing steady at 100°F, went back to bed until 8. Called the temp agency to say I'm not coming in, and stayed up long enough to knock on Eric's door at 8:15 to ask him to tell my boss that I'm not coming in today.

Currently, I feel very weak. Between temperature disparities (I felt freezing when I woke up despite sleeping under two blankets, one of which being a heavy comforter), dehydration (nothing to drink for over 12 hrs because I hadn't really been out of bed, and eating very little yesterday (a large cup of soup at work and half of a frozen mac and cheese at home), it's easy to see why.

Still coughing, they're getting deeper. The nasty details insideCollapse )

I could really use some flavoured liquids right now. All I have to drink are water and cherry selzer water. Some juice and soup would be nice, and I may do the foolish thing and attempt a trek to WaWa in a couple hours. On the other hand, I've also got tea, but I hate drinking lots of hot drinks in a row. Meh, I can do with just water for now...Giant run tonight.

28th February 2005

9:59pm: update...
It looks like my fever is "down" to 100...going to take a nice warm bath and a shot of nyquil, will see how I feel in the morning.
2:13pm: Home now...
I thought I was feeling really shitty at work, and now I know why - I have a 102°F fever!

Dayquil + Sleep for me.

10th February 2005

7:54pm: Something for solidkz
Via the Central Anime forums...


It's a live performance of the Touch opening on a variety show from 1985. Note the singer's hideous blue frock and complete lack of getting her groove on.

I like the Xmas light stage, though.

17th January 2005

1:22pm: I hate being sick...
Stuffy head, a little drip, some coughing, that raw breathing feeling, and a bit of a sore throat.

What a way to spend my extra day off.

The thing that I hate most about being sick, though, is the inability to sleep well. The whole "burning breaths" and temperature incompatibilities make it nearly impossible for me to get a good night's rest when I've come down with something. Last night, I wound up going to bed around 12?, tossed and turned until around 3:30, doinked around for a bit, then woke up at eight. And then nine.


11th January 2005

12:44pm: Just to clear things up...
"If you didn't start a Live Journal for the sole purpose of being an attention whore and having everyone pity you because of your sob stories, put this in your LJ."

I got my invite code from kyburg and started LJ because I wanted a friends list...managing to remember and hit every address regularly was annoying when I was still posting primarily on the org.

/does whine too much, though

29th December 2004

8:09pm: Quick Capsule Review: Marbles on the Road
I got home today and found a pleasant surprise in my mailbox: My Marillion: Marbles on the Road DVD had arrived! There had been all kinds of warnings on the website about how there were going to be shipping delays left and right because of high order volume before Xmas and because the office was going to be closed for two weeks starting on the 23rd, so I figured that it wasn't even going to ship until January.

Anyhow, I had bitten the cost bullet and direct-ordered the two-disc version direct from the band's website (any stores that have it otherwise just have the one-disc edition), and I'm glad I did, as there's a lot of good stuff on it.

First and foremost, this DVD is a perfect example of how to do a concert DVD. It's region free, offered in NTSC and PAL, and the sound. Damn, the sound. On the website, they advertise it as a 5.1 soundboard mix. What they don't tell you, though, is that there's also a 2.0 stereo soundboard mix. And this isn't just any 2.0 stereo, it's linear PCM (read: uncompressed) audio. And it sounds damn sexy (I want a 5.1 now so that I can give that a test run).

I didn't really want to sit through all 2:45 of it tonight, so I just did a spot check and watched a couple favourite songs. The video quality is nice, everything's sharp, and the colours are extremely vivid (and damn are there a lot of colours). Also present are the music videos for You're Gone and Don't Hurt Yourself, with alternative versons on the second disc, and a 20 min. docu/band interview to promote the album (probalby something that was sent to retailers...it was labelled as EPK, which means, IIRC, electronic press kit). The music videos were interesting to watch, because they prove that despite having twenty years behind them, Marillion still can't make a music video worth shit. Ah well, the concert part was damn cool.

Disc by disc: Disc One is the standard Marbles set from the tour, which was identical at all stops, both in Europe and the US, as well as the first "old stuff" set, and the first couple songs from the second "old stuff" set. Disc Two has another ten songs from "old stuff" sets, and demo performances from Marillion Weekend 2003 when they first premiered four of the songs to the public while still working on the album.

Overall, worth the (IIRC) 16 quid if you're a fan of the band. Worth it IMHO just to have the songs in 5.1 (and yes, there is a noticeable difference between the downmixed 5.1 and 2.0 mixes).

24th December 2004

10:17pm: December 24th
10PM, Eastern Standard Time
I Can't believe a year went by so fast.
Time to see what we have time to see.
Turn the projector on!Collapse )

17th December 2004

11:38am: NYE...
Would anybody be interseted in seeing the Capitol Steps on New Year's Eve? Tickets are $34 and it's the standard deal in the Regan building.

15th December 2004

11:47am: More Anime News and Editorialising
Man, they just keep coming. More editorialised rantings on my end...

Ginei Goods Offers LoGH Jackets to Foreigners (or how not to do merchandising)Collapse )

ADV to release Gantz across 13 DVDsCollapse )

Macross Goes Out of PrintCollapse )

I wanted to end on some good news, but couldn't find any, except that Otakon is expression interest in the Yuusha panel...

10th December 2004

11:19am: What a week!
What a week to be in anime fandom! Shall we recap and offer some editorialising? Why yes, let's!

1. ADV vs. ComcastCollapse )

2. Pandora"s Cube Raided By The FedsCollapse )

3. Japanese Company "Media Factory" sends a C&D to FansubbersCollapse )

4. Bandai Fscks up Zeta GundamCollapse )

Aiight, that's enough for now. This has gotten way too darn long (read: guess who's bored at work).

8th December 2004

6:27pm: Music Game
Hey, it's an excuse to pull out the Trendy icon.

Twenty lyrics, Ten of them have audio samples to go with themCollapse )
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